bullet 6∙30∙06:  Pictures from the 6∙11 BBQ are up.
bullet 5∙5∙06:  Finally, the real original trilogy will be released on dvd September.  These will be the unaltered versions we've all been waiting for.  So they tell us, anyway... read story.
bullet 4∙3∙06:  Photos from the AeroSith performance at I-CON are up on their site.
bullet 2∙16∙06:  An Imperial attack on our base caused a temporary disturbance in the web side of the Force.  We're back up now, though some things are still being worked on. 
  • 2∙16∙06:  Actor Phil Brown, Luke's Uncle Owen, passed away on Feb 9.
  • 1∙19∙06:  A new members page has been added to the site... go see!
  • 1∙4∙06:  Photos from Moorglade's & MasterSifoDyas's trip to the Star Wars exhibit are here.
  • 1∙4∙06:  As of 1.1.06, Moorglade is now Chapter Rep, and TheBothanJedi Event Coordinator.  No changes in the other staff positions.
  • John Hollis, known to Star Wars fans as Lobot from Bespin, passed away on October 18.
  • September 28 was our third anniversary... Happy Birthday, DB516!
  • Friend Clive, host of the fan film nights, was interviewed about the topic for a UK newspaper.  And the article was just printed in Australia as well!  More details.

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