"Do not feed the racoons!" "You and the sunset form a symbiont circle, Master" "That's no moon, it's a spa... Oh, wait.  Yeah, it's a moon." "Now THAT'S a space station!"

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Meetings are usually held the second weekend of every month
August Events
bullet 80909:  Star Wars Day at Best Bargain Books in Centereach, 2-5 PM.  Directions
bullet 80909:  Meeting, after bookstore event.  Location TBA
Other News
bullet 3908:  The webmistress apologizes for the lack of updates.  We've had some technical difficulties with uploading the site.  But, we're working on a solution, so please bear with us! 
bullet 093007:  Photos from the Ronkonkoma Post Office and the Selden Hollywood Video events have been posted.  Photos
bullet 01∙08∙07:  The 2007 meeting schedule is posted, and updates have been made to the links & members pages.
bullet 01∙08∙07:  As of Jan 1, the new CR is StarFromIHJ.  All other staff positions are held by the same members.
bullet Archive of old news

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