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Official Star Wars Site

The Force.Net

Fan Force

     Galactic Senate - Washington DC chapter

     MEPA - NYC chapter

     Orange County Star Wars Society - our twin chapter


Other Friends

AeroSith - our parody band

The Am/Fm Project - radio show hosted by member Ken Deep

Broken Compass Garrison Shop

The Gallifreyan Embassy - Dr. Who fan club on Long Island

CliveYoung.com - host of the very popular fan film presentations

C. C. Banana and his friend Maul Stanley

Disciples of the Sith - AeroSith have been made honorary members of this gaming group

Zorikh's Watch This Space

The Jedi Assembly - costuming group

Spat Cave

Rebel Legion

501st Legion

    Northeast Remnant Garrison

    Empire City Garrison

Heart of an Empire... For Katie



I-CON - come meet DB516 at our table!



Shore Leave

Big Apple Con



Krisch's Ice Cream Parlor - where it all began!

Broadway Mall - where our meetings are usually held

Montauk Lighthouse


Costuming Help

Padawan's Guide to Costuming

Obi-Wan's Jedi Academy

DH2 - Costume and Prop Building

TF.N Costuming

Karate Depot.com - great source for simple tunics and pants    Basic black    Off-white

Got Armor.com - stormtrooper gear


Random and Bizarre

One Man Star Wars

Star Wars Spoofs.com

Hand Puppet movie theater

Odd Todd

Weebl's Stuff

Radiskull and Devil Doll



Web Graphics


Best Animations - Star Wars .gif animations


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