"Help us Docking Bay 516, you're our only hope"



About Docking Bay 516
A small band of rebels and pioneers, bringing fandom to the far reaches of the Island…

DB516 with members of the North Patchogue Fire Dept.

Who is DB516?  Docking Bay 516 is the Long Island chapter of Fan Force, a worldwide collection of local Star Wars fan groups connected with The Force.Net.

What do you do?  Monthly meetings, conventions, and some special events. Mostly, we’re a social group that tries to find fun things to do together. Star Wars is the common thread that unites us, but we enjoy other fandoms too.

How do I join?  That’s easy - just come to a meeting! You can also sign up for our Yahoo group: DB516, and join the discussion on our message boards.

When are meetings?  We try to hold our meetings the second Sunday of every month, usually at the Broadway Mall food court in Hicksville. There’s some official club business, table rearranging, and a lot of general discussion. Newcomers are always welcome to participate in the mayhem!

Are there any dues?  Yes, we do collect some dues. But, it is voluntary! It is not necessary to pay dues to be a member or to participate in meetings and events. Basically we try to collect a few dollars at each meeting, to cover the yearly costs of our table at I-CON, and the web site & domain name.

Do I need a costume?  No.  Although some of our events involve costuming, DB516 is primarily a casual group. 

Is there an age requirement?  Please read our policy on minors

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